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Linda's Opinion on Public Defenders

(Yes, I realize there are a few exceptions but way too many
fit this description when it comes to child detention cases.)

These court-appointed lawyers are usually horribly lame in child detention cases. They apparently see their role as being to stand by your side and teach you how to "cooperate" so you can be processed through the court and system and your family exploited, abused and used just like anyone else.

You see it is an advantage to the lawyer to get your case processed through the system as easily and quickly as possible - then he can go out to lunch with his buddies and have a good time and forget about you. They have processed so many of these cases they really don't feel your pain, couldn't care less, and don't want to do the work of a REAL defense if they can get away without doing it... so you must light a fire under your lawyer to get him to do some real defending.

Well, if I were you I'd write a letter to the lawyer telling him that I no longer want to be processed through the system, and that I expect an active defense of my case. YES you should complete the case plan but ALSO prepare some good legal documents telling your side and see that they are presented to the court. Your lawyer should be doing more than just teaching you how to cooperate like a good little victim. If he is too lazy and incompetent to prepare legal documents for you, then create them yourself and take them to him.

Lawyers who don't do their job of defending can be sued for
M  A  L  P  R  A  C  T  I  C  E

How To Represent Yourself In Court
- by Attorneys Paul Bergman & Sara Berman-Barrett
Good primer on how to go about suing you-know-who in case you can't get an attorney to represent you properly. Hey, maybe you can sue your incompetent court-appointed pretender while you're at it!!

People Before Lawyers

Discipline A Lawyer - send in an official complaint about the lawyers who didn't help you!!

Judicial Misconduct Investigators - this is a state-by-state list of organizations that investigate judicial misconduct complaints.

How To Find An Attorney - advice from the National Association of State VOCAL Organizations.

Judicial Watch - this organization wants to hear about your experiences with corrupt judges.

I do not recommend any of the attorneys listed below. I have heard that some of the fees charged are extremely high and some parents did not win their cases no matter how much was paid. However I list the websites as sources of information for those researching child welfare services and false child abuse charges. Some of these attorneys are well-known for having done a lot to help defend people in child welfare cases. They are to be commended for their compassion and effort.

Do you know this judge?
" ... he sits as judge, and condemns the innocent, and lets the guilty go free: for being spiritually blind, he calls evil good, and good evil ... " (James Nayler *)
Juvenile courts thrive on secrecy:
"And men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil." (John 3:19)

Resist Psychological Evaluations

The caseworkers have a "one size fits all" solution to getting evidence to use against you: the Psychological Evaluation process in which all parents are forced to submit to invasive questioning. Their hired help relies on CPS funding for an income so will invariably find something wrong with your psychological makeup. The solution is to realize this is a violation of Fifth Amendment privacy rights and to resist such an invasive ruling in every way possible while you're in court. Inform your attorney that you intend to fight for your Constitutional Rights to be upheld and as a sworn officer of the court, he has a responsibility to act on your behalf. Getting rid of Psychological Evaluations knocks the feet out from under the corrupt child welfare industry! One at a time we will win this battle against family intrusions and pop psychiatry.

[Note: If you are already court-ordered to complete a psychological evaluation, consult your attorney if you want to go back to court to ask that the ruling be changed. If you are court ordered to do something, then don't do it, CPS will use that against to to keep your children from you. Fight CPS And Win recommends that you complete all court-ordered activities on your reunification plan as quickly as possible.]

* James Nayler

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